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luxury Sport Fishing Tour In The Seychelles Islands 


How We Fish?

Jig, Pop, Trolling and Bait. 

OcenDevil fishing tours in association with Worldwide Fishing Trips (WFT) will provide you with the most unforgettable fishing experience of your life.


Our trip starts at the rendezvous point at Victoria airport Seychelles where you will be taken to our gathering villa for the first night (only in case of 45 or 48 ft boat 58 ft meet directly on the boat)  at the gathering you will be introduced to our Skipper Justin and your professional world knowen fishing instructor Arik Mauda.


Arik a professional angler holding regional record in Bluefin Tuna who spent most of his life on the water with a fishing rod in his hand will guide through the breathtaking adventure through the Danis Islands where you will master Jigging on the reefs and popping for Dogtooth Tuna's and GT's. 


Arik and the team bring you to the most fruitful fishing location where you will be Trolling along Berd Islands for Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish, and variations of Tunas on the deep waters. 


The trip takes place through the Seychelles Islands and all the way to Africa Bank, Alphonse and Constance bank. 


Our tours are for closed pre-organized groups or individuals who wish to join other groups and expand their network of fishing partners. 

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Our boats are listed below:

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