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Psycho 55 - 2023


Spinning Model 

Over Head Model

Introducing the Psycho 55 Fast Jigging Rod: Unleash Your Madness!

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure with the Psycho 55 Fast Jigging Rod—a true game-changer designed for anglers who crave the adrenaline rush of battling colossal creatures beneath the waves. With its optimal length of 5.5 feet, this rod offers unrivaled control and precision, empowering you to conquer the depths with ease.

Crafted specifically for the demanding art of jigging, the Psycho 55 is built to withstand the most challenging conditions, making it the ultimate weapon of choice for anglers seeking heavyweight encounters. Whether you're targeting yellowfin, bluefin tuna, GT, dogtooth tuna, big amberjacks, or other formidable giants, this rod has been engineered to amplify your chances of success.

One of the standout features of the Psycho 55 is its ability to handle jigs ranging from 200 to 500 grams, allowing you to adapt to various fishing scenarios. Equipped with Fuji SIC MNSG guides, this rod ensures smooth and efficient line movement, minimizing friction and maximizing your jig performance.

To provide exceptional durability and stability, the Psycho 55 boasts a heavy-duty reel seat, capable of securely housing your reel during intense battles. Additionally, its innovative X-shaped gimbal enhances comfort and ergonomics when fishing in a harness, allowing you to exert your full strength without sacrificing comfort.

To achieve unparalleled performance, we have utilized Japanese Tory carbon in our unique shaping process. This proprietary technique, honed over years of research and development, results in a rod that combines remarkable sensitivity, strength, and responsiveness at just 367gm of over all rod weight (spin model). The Psycho 55 offers unparalleled power transfer, ensuring that every movement you make is translated directly to the line, giving you an edge when battling colossal fish. Blank dead lifts 28KG and max drag rated at 25 KG.


In the face of treacherous waters and formidable adversaries, the Psycho 55 Fast Jigging Rod stands as a testament to unwavering reliability and unwavering performance. Prepare to push your limits, challenge the unknown, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of extreme fishing. Unleash your inner fishing madness with the Psycho 55—it's time to redefine what's possible in the realm of angling.


Spinning Reel Model

The Spinning jigging rod blank from Tory boasts a durable carbon construction, perfectly suited for reels ranging from size 10000 to 20000. Its superior strength and sensitivity make it the ideal companion for tackling big game in any angling adventure. weighing at just 367gm. 


Spinning Reel Seat and EVA

The Fuji Double Lock Heavy Duty Reel Seat offers unparalleled security and stability, ensuring your reel stays firmly in place during intense battles. Combined with its 70% hardened  coned shaped EVA grip, it provides exceptional comfort, reducing fatigue and allowing you to focus on reeling in your next big catch.


Spinning Guide system

The Fuji SIC (Silicon Carbide) 6 guides are constructed using high-quality silicon carbide, a ceramic material known for its exceptional strength and thermal conductivity high quality durable and high-performance material known for its exceptional smoothness, hardness, and heat dissipation properties.


Over head Model 

Tory Japanese carbon blank, the overhead jigging rod's foundation, flawlessly accommodates reels ranging from PE 5 to PE 10, ensuring optimal performance with unparalleled precision on every jig drop.


But Gimbal 

Fuji's versatile BUT (Butt) Gimbal x SHIP, coupled with their Comfort Harness or Rounded Harnesses, delivers a seamless combination of stability and ergonomic comfort, providing anglers with exceptional control and support during intense battles with powerful fish.


Our Blank

The Japanese  TORAYCA T1100G Blank crafted for fast action jigging will provide high performance jig movement  and impeccable back bone.  Max drag of 25KG 

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