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GRIFF 205MM F (95gm) Pink Crisp  - OceanDevil Special Edition

GRIFF 205MM F (95gm) Pink Crisp - OceanDevil Special Edition

Pink Crisp 205MM (95gm)

A 95g floating stickbait designed to easily produce an ‘S’ swim with controlled rod sweeps, a seductive rolling swimming action when straight wound and erratic movements when twitched.

The potshot range is based on the same original body shape, but tweaked and tuned for each size to bring out the most in them, and make each size unique.

Features a handmade, timber body fitted with strong 2mm stainless steel through wire, finished with a thick epoxy exterior for a deadly combination of looks and strength. As with all handmade lures with natural materials, expect a few grams variation either side.

Best run with the following hooks:

Most balanced action: 5/0 belly treble + 9/0 tail single

Erratic action: 9/0 – 11/0 singles (great for calm water)

Tighter, stable action: 5/0 trebles


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